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Disaster recovery

When natural disaster or equipment failure wipes out your phone service... what happens to your calls? From Digital Life Radio, Jordan Drake and Jake Brown discuss.

The washington network quoted in THE COVER STORY OF usa today

Just as technology to view games at work has gotten more sophisticated, so have employer defenses. Many bar access to streaming video and social media sites. Others "throttle" or slow down access to sites employees might visit...

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The Washington Network combines advanced phone systems with the power of your data network. You get improved call handling, the ability to better serve your customers, and other powerful features that give you and your staff a business advantage. At the same time, you'll lower your overall telecom costs.
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Check out THIS IBM WEBINAR discussing the future of Unified Communications.

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Are You Prepared for a Disaster?

The Washington Network has the tools and resources to protect you and your data in the event of a disaster. Jordan Drake explains more below.

prep for disaster: OUR Free Report can help

What happens to your business when your computer network and phones go down? Or when disaster denies you access to your facilities? This new report from The Washington Network shows you what steps to take.» Get The Free Report 

the washington network in computerworld

The Washington Network, tells how the company focuses on bandwidth "shaping" and monitoring for its corporate clients.» Full Story

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