Telephone Systems

Accelerate Your Business with a more powerful, efficient phone system 

The Washington Network provides VoIP telephone systems, digital phone systems and 4th-generation hybrid systems that combine the best technologies of each. What’s more, we’re leaders in integrating phone systems with your computer networks, multiplying the power of each.

As a certified partner of some of the leading names in telecommunications, we are a single source for The Washington Network Phone Systemscomplete telephone service for companies with: 

  • 10 to 250 users

  • Multiple locations in the metro DC area, as well as throughout the U.S. and Canada

  • Virtual offices

  • Telecommuters, teleworkers or other remote workers

Working with our partners, we customize these 4th-generation systems to give our clients a competitive advantage in call-handling capability, in providing enhanced services to their customers, and in cost savings.

Systems from The Washington Network include:

  • Advanced feature sets
    We identify features that help you meet your business objectives, create new business opportunities, and use technology to lower your costs.

  • Ease of use
    Intuitive systems, with training included.

  • Rock-solid reliability
    Our 4th-generation phone systems combine the features of  Internet-based applications and the reliability of traditional phone service

  • Unsurpassed value
    Our phone systems are so advanced, they actually cost less than keeping your old system!

Business benefits you will use right away

Today’s modern VoIP phone systems often have rich feature sets. Our new VoIP systems and hybrid systems have the best features we’ve ever seen, and all designed to make your business more powerful. Here are just some of the benefits. 

  • Eliminate business killers
    Never miss calls you need to take. Forward important calls to any number. Allow multiple phones numbers (e.g., your cell, home and office phones) to ring at the same time. Eliminate phone tag. Automatically route unwanted calls into voice mail.

  • Know what lines are active 
    A simple but vital productivity feature that many systems ignore:  Line-extension lights on advanced phones show you whether lines are busy or free.

  • Integrate with cell phones
    With an easy-to-use, easy-to-manage “Find Me/Follow Me” feature, never give out cell phone numbers again. One number follows you everywhere, reducing unnecessary cell phone usage in the office.

  • Voice mail you can keep forever
    Virtually unlimited voice mail – 15,000 hours per mailbox – means vital messages never need be deleted, and can be recalled for compliance purposes. Voice mail also becomes audio email you can filed as needed.

  • The best phones, the most business sense
    We provide some of the world’s best (and best-looking) full-feature phones, but your system can use any phone built to the new SIP standard. You’re not locked into any single manufacturer – choose from the world’s best, including speaker phones with HD voice quality. You can even use SIP phones from your current system. You’re certain to save money, and get great phones.

  • Expand at a moment’s notice
    With SIP standard phones, our systems allow you to add or subtract users whenever you choose.

  • Link all your locations with one-touch, extension, and intercom dialing
    These techniques have been shown to boost inter-office or remote worker communications by 400%. 

  • Support all your locations
    The Washington Network supports you wherever you are located throughout the U.S. and Canada.

  • Measure your staff’s performance
    Understand key business metrics – use built-in call detail reporting system to download important data to spreadsheets.

  • Reduce travel through conference calling
    Enjoy built-in conference calling that makes most of your conference calls free of any additional charge, while very large conference calls are surprisingly affordable.

  • Get great HD audio voice quality
    Audio quality matters. Enjoy Full Duplex and HD Audio with the top-rated conferencing phones.

  • Wireless conference phones
    Eliminate the ugly, expensive wiring and make your conference table usable again.

  • Special applications for vertical markets
    We can integrate industry-specific and custom applications.

  • Bells and whistles? Why not?
    Applications and hardware from world-class providers, meeting the SIP standard, and can satisfy any telecom need or desire. (Wait till you see the cool new cordless office phones from Germany. Your clients, vendors and golf partners will be green with envy.)

Questions about our telephone systems, or anything else?

The Washington Network delivers total solutions that lower your telecommunications costs and enhance your capabilities. Call 703.345.4000 and ask for a Washington Network telecommunications specialist, or email us with your questions.