Seven Promises To Our Clients

We know that your computer network and phone system are vital to your organization's success. So rather than complex and unverifiable claims, here are some simple promises you can count on.

  1. We stand behind our warranties
    Our word is our bond. But unlike some of our friendly competitors, our word is on paper, in the form of written guarantees.

  2. Guaranteed response
    The Washington Network guarantees response to your computer and telephone emergencies, in accordance with your service agreement or better. You will always be able to contact us quickly.

  3. Proposals that save you money
    We always seek to combine proven technologies with a deep understanding of your business objectives to save you money. Usually, we can cut your costs while adding new capabilities that help you increase revenues. We will use our expertise to lower your costs, improve your performance and keep you as a long-term satisfied customer.

  4. Knowledgeable engineers
    You are assured a dedicated, senior engineer plus back-ups who are familiar with your business in case your dedicated engineer is unavailable.

  5. Plain English
    We carefully avoid “geek-speak.” We explain everything to our clients in plain English. We want to help you concentrate on your business, not the latest "techie" term.

  6. We strive to understand your business
    We research, listen to your concerns and objectives, then research some more. We then apply our knowledge of technology to offer informed business solutions to maximize your productivity, and reduce your costs.

  7. Resolve technical situations before they become problems
    We remotely monitor your computer network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to find and resolve problems before they affect you in any way.