Computer Network Support

Presenting A Better Way To Implement, Manage And Support Your Valuable IT Systems

We manage and support single and multi-site computer networks of 10 to 250 workstations. We will lower your IT spending and improve your network performance.  

maximize your network's speed, performance and stability

We’ll provide: preventive maintenance, optimization, updates, backups, security and 24/7/365 support, including on-site support, call-in help and remote monitoring. 

We do it all for a fixed, all-inclusive monthly fee that costs far less than doing it all in-house. And you'll no longer burden your staff with technical responsibilities that distract from their actual jobs.

And now: Get all your hardware included! Call 703.345.4000 to learn how to lower your IT costs and never again worry about buying or disposing of computers.


The Washington Network’s Computer and Network services include:

  • System design
    We work with your management to design a system that gives your staff maximum flexibility to accomplish their objectives, and interact with your customers, while giving you complete system administration capabilities.

  • Provisioning of all hardware and software
    We are the Washington area’s only premier member of the Technology Assurance Group, giving us the combined buying power of nearly 200 affiliate IT providers throughout North America. We can spec just the right network components at just the right price.

  • System implementation
    We have installed and managed networks across the region since 1987 – for Congress, for Armed Forces and for a list of A-list companies and associations. Whether you are an established organization that needs a customized roadmap, or a startup with conventional needs and a tight budget, we can implement a system that surpasses your expectations and “future-proofs” your organization.

  • Complete IT supportGold Seal Managed IT Services delivers many benefits
    Our managed service includes outsourced, flat-fee managed IT services with preventive maintenance, on-site support, call-in help desk, and remote monitoring and maintenance. 

  • Data security
    Protect your system from viruses, hackers, spam, thieves, power outages, natural disasters, man-made disasters and even human error. Our systems feature multiple firewalls, world-class virus protection via software and hardware appliances, automated on-site and remote backup, protection against employee tampering, and strategies to assure that the unexpected is accounted for.

  • Disaster recovery services
    Backup is great, but what you really need is recovery — getting back to normal. Along with our data security measures, we design systems with redundant hardware and virtual servers, in secure locations, for fail-over capability. Buildings can be destroyed by malicious acts or natural disaster, but your mission-critical data will be secure and, equally important, available.

  • Complete integration of telecommunication systems
    We are leaders in the convergence of voice and data systems. Our 4th-generation VoIP phone systems provide unsurpassed voice quality and network reliability, with built-in redundancy to assure service continuity. What’s more, we help you turn reams of digital information into business intelligence with easy-to-use, but sophisticated reporting systems and automation of call handling. This is where technology can provide a significant business advantage.

Engage The Washington Network's team of IT and business experts to completely manage your computer network.

We relieve you of the time and trouble it takes to master complex issues, administer day-to-day maintenance, provide support whenever it’s needed and offer expert advice on leveraging IT to meet your business objectives. 

You pay a flat monthly fee, and everything is included: Back-ups. Updates. Patches. Licenses. Security. 24/7/365 support. Call-in support. On-site support. Disaster planning.

We do it all for you, for far less than you could do it on your own.

It begins with a plan to meet your specific business objectives.

We'll customize a computing system to give your staff a business advantage. We'll leverage more than 22 years of experience, as well as:
  • A full complement of IT specialists and network engineers

  • Membership in The ASCII Group, a leading organization of computer networking and IT support providers

  • The metro DC area’s only premier member of The Technology Assurance Group, an affiliation of independent IT organizations across North America. TAG provides us specialized expertise and mass buying power, and assures our guarantees to you.

  • Our network of partners, including IBM, Microsoft, Citrix and many more.

QUESTIONS ABOUT COMPUTing, computer networks or Managed Network Services?

To discuss how The Washington Network can upgrade your computer network, increase your capabilities and lower your IT expenditure, call us at 703.345.4000. Or email us.