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Chance are, your business is more dependent than ever on your IT infrastructure.

The marketplace requires a certain level of IT sophistication – for most industries, it’s simply the minimum cost of entry. Many businesses, perhaps yours, go further. They leverage technology to create competitive advantages, such as better products and services, better customer service, more effective sales and marketing, and lower costs.

These advantages spring from technologies such as sophisticated telephone systems with powerful auto attendants and advanced call-handling capabilities; call centers with detailed reporting and management tools; advanced applications that enhance products and services; and of course, databases that power a variety of applications.

Losing your data, your network or your phone system can be devastating. Do you have a Plan To recover?

This 12-page report outlines threats to your IT systems – IT "disasters" – and how to plan for them. These disasters threaten the full range of your IT, including your computer network and your corporate phone system.

If you want to begin the disaster recovery planning process, this report is a good place to start.