Maintenance & Support

Your Gold Seal Managed IT Services Advantage 

Would you like to improve your network's performance and lower your overall IT spending? With The Washington Network's Gold Seal Managed IT Services, we provide complete, systematic support for your computers and computer networks, including preventive maintenance, backups and security. We keep your network at peak performance and lower your overall costs.

Whether or not you have in-house IT personnel, The Washington Network can significantly contribute to your organization’s performance by providing comprehensive IT support through our Gold Seal Managed IT Services. 

If you have an emergency, and are not already a client of The Washington Network, please call us at 703.345.4000. While our current clients always have priority, we may be able to provide service on a time and materials basis.


With Gold Seal, you get complete maintenance and support for an all-inclusive flat monthly fee based on your particular system and the number of users. The fee remains constant, so you never need to worry about unexpected spikes in your payments.

So unlike other IT service providers, we don’t profit when your computers or network fail. We benefit when they perform flawlessly. So we monitor, maintain and inspect your computers and network to keep them running at peak performance.

With Gold Seal Managed Services, you get:

  • 24/7/365 remote system monitoring
    It discovers potential problems in your hardware and software systems, and often can repair them before they ever affect your system or your people

  • Call-in support
    Any time you experience trouble, you can reach a professional who can resolve your problem up to 90% of the time via the phone

  • On-call service network engineers and service technicians
    In the event that problems cannot be solved remotely, we’ll be there in person within the specified time in your agreement.

  • Preventive maintenance
    We will optimize your system remotely and in person on an ongoing basis. We will install patches and software updates, and anti-virus protection.

  • Security and backup
    We will protect your system from viruses, hackers, spam, thieves, power outages, natural disasters, man-made disasters and even human error. We provide multiple firewalls, world-class virus protection via software and hardware appliances, automated on-site and remote backup and protection against employee tampering.

  • Preparation for disaster recovery
    Backup is nothing without recovery. Along our data security measures, we design systems with redundant hardware and virtual servers, in secure locations, for fail-over capability. Buildings can be destroyed by malicious acts or natural disaster, but your mission-critical data will be secure and available.

Questions about our MANAGED services, or anything else?

The Washington Network delivers total solutions that lower your computing costs and enhance your capabilities. Call 703.345.4000 and ask for a Washington Network computer systems specialist, or email us.