ShadowNet™ Telecom Backup System

• if for any reason your phone system goes down,
  you'll still get all your calls and messages

you can even Lower your overall telecom costs

Phone systems go down for any number of reasons: Loss of power, local networks, dial tone or Internet service. Fires and floods. Lightning strikes that ruin your premise-based telephone system (PBX). High winds that take down power lines. 

Or you lose access to your building, rendering a working phone system useless.The Washington Network Telecom Disaster Recovery Plan

Sometimes all lines are busy, and your customers only get a busy signal – or a "not in service" message.

Usually, these situations only last briefly. Other times, they go on for days.

Loss of phone service can be a disaster. But it never has to happen. 

The Washington Network's  ShadowNet is a robust, full-featured duplicate of your telephone system. Since ShadowNet is hosted remotely, it's not effected by local or regional conditions.

When your main carrier detects any failure, the carrier automatically fails over to your ShadowNet system.

Calls are then handled by ShadowNet's full-featured auto attendant. It forwards your callers to alternate numbers, such as your cell phone, a branch office number, or your home office. If you don't answer, ShadowNet's voicemail takes over. It offers the caller find-me/follow-me, company directory and all the other features you depend on. You can set up your ShadowNet voicemail to mimic your primary voicemail. 

To get your messages, just call in. You'll also receive an email with your voice message attached as an audio file, sent to as many as five email addresses of your choosing.

It's a fully featured phone system. All that's missing are the phones.

In a severe disaster, you can switch indefinitely to ShadowNet. We can ship pre-programmed, state-of-the-art Polycom phones with HD Voice to your temporary offices, sometimes overnight. You can purchase or rent – just plug them in. Your staff will face minimal disruption.

Within a day you would be enjoying the benefits of a totally new VoIP phone system that may well out-perform your current system, cost less, and not even require you to return to your regular offices. 

amazingly, this business continuity protection could actually save you money

Imagine enjoying ShadowNet's protection while at the same time lowering your telecom bills. It's possible. 

ShadowNet may make be able to replace infrequently used, but costly components of your existing system. By reallocating your spending, you can actually get this amazing backup capability while lowering overall costs.

JUSt CALL 703.345.4000 AND have Your ShadowNet Backup System in place within days

No business should be without a Business Continuity plan, for your computer networks or your telecom system.

Your customers depend on your telephones. Now, so can you — even in a disaster, thanks to ShadowNet. Just call us and ask for a ShadowNet specialist. Or email us with your questions or requests.