Computers & Computer Networks

We provide total solutions for your computing needs.

The Washington Network collaborates with its clients to create a computer network plan to meet their specific business objectives. You provide your organization’s objectives, processes and preferences. We provide an understanding of computers and computer networking, best practices used by organizations in your field, and everything else: Hardware and software. Back-ups. Security. Updates and patches. Licenses. Training. Support. Disaster recovery planning. The Washington Network serves the DC metro area

It could not be easier. We will:

  • Design your network
    We work with your management to design a network that gives your staff maximum flexibility to accomplish their objectives, while giving you complete system administration capabilities.

  • Provision all hardware and software
    As the Washington area’s only premier member of the Technology Assurance Group, we leverage the combined buying power of nearly 200 affiliate IT providers throughout North America. We can spec just the right network components, from world-class providers, at just the right price.

  • Implement the system
    Whether you are an established organization that needs a customized roadmap, or a start-up with conventional needs and a tight budget, we can implement a system that surpasses your expectations and “future-proofs” your organization.

  • Provide complete IT support
    Our Gold Seal Managed Service includes onsite and remote preventive maintenance, remote 24/7monitoring, call-in help desk, and on-site service with service-level agreements.

  • Protect and back up your data
    We will protect your system from viruses, hackers, spam, thieves, power outages, natural disasters, man-made disasters and even human error. We provide multiple firewalls, world-class virus protection via software and hardware appliances, automated on-site and remote backup and protection against employee tampering.

  • Prepare for disaster recovery
    Backup is nothing without recovery. Along our data security measures, we design systems with redundant hardware and virtual servers, in secure locations, for fail-over capability. Buildings can be destroyed by malicious acts or natural disaster, but your mission-critical data will be secure and available.

  • Integrate telecommunications into your IT network
    We are leaders in the convergence of voice and data systems. Our 4th-generation VoIP phone systems provide unsurpassed voice quality and network reliability, with built-in redundancy to assure service continuity. What’s more, we help you turn reams of digital information into business intelligence with sophisticated yet easy-to-use reporting systems and automation of call handling. This technology provides our clients with a significant business advantage.

  • Train you and your people
    We can provide individual and group training to help you maximize your investment and productivity.

To learn more about our computer and computer networking services, see Computer Networks.


Questions about our computer NETWORK SErVICES, or anything else?

The Washington Network delivers total solutions that lower your computing costs and enhance your capabilities. Call 703.345.4000 and ask for a Washington Network computer systems specialist, or email us.