Disaster Recovery for IT Systems

The Washington Network can help you recover from IT disasters. Even better, we can help you create and implement a plan to anticipate and avoid damages caused by the unexpected events.

The many variants of the Worm Virus have wreaked havoc on many large organizations, including government offices, banks, academia and businesses. Small businesses that depend on their information systems are even more vulnerable. A computer virus can not only be damaging, but may terminate the business. 

Beyond virus protection, do you have plans for business continuation – in the event of: extended power outage, Internet outage, telephone outage, theft, fire, natural disaster and disgruntled employees?

Is your business protected?

Ask yourself the following questions.

  • Is your data backed up fully every night? Is it done automatically? When was the last time you tested your backups? 

  • Do you have remote backup, local backup, or both?

  • Are you dependent on a staff person to switch hard drives or other storage devices, and are they doing it?

  • Do have an off-site location for backed up data?

  • Is there redundant hardware for failover capability?

  • How long can you afford to be down before there is damage to your business?

  • Do you have a contingency plan for an extended power outage -storm damage - fire or theft?

  • Are there other steps you should take to protect the business?

The Washington Network can help you address every one of these measures

And if disaster should strike, whether or not you're prepared, we'll help you get back up and running.

Call us 703.345.4000 to learn how to develop a cost-effective disaster prevention/recovery plan for your business, or email us with your questions.