IT Planning

For businesses and associations in the metropolitan Washington DC area, we help plan IT strategies and implementations through our Network Design and Assessment services. We work with new companies, branch offices that are starting from scratch, and existing organizations that are considering how to achieve their objectives most efficiently by leveraging new advances in IT.

Network Design

The Washington Network provides network design and consultation for businesses that are growing, linking remote offices, or upgrading capability. There are four steps in the consulting process:

  1. Discovery
    We identify and document existing processes and systems in your business, such as: How are client requests handled? How often do you communicate with your clients or prospects? Who or what departments are involved in getting a job done? Do your employees have the tools they need? What areas need immediate attention - membership communications, accounting?

  2. Identify business goals
    What does your company or association want to accomplish, and on what timeline?  What new services do you want to provide? What are your prospects, clients or members demanding? Where do you see your industry going? What is the competition doing, and what must you do to compete successfully?

  3. Set goals
    Technology-based systems supports your business. We will recommend investments that help you attain your business goals, within your time frame, at the least cost. We provide technology blueprints so you can see what your network will look like, what capabilities you will have and what potential for growth will be.

  4. Develop an implementation plan
    Once you have the blueprint, you can to determine how much and when to invest. Perhaps a phased-in approach would work best for you. Or maybe you need to get everything up and running fast. We can provide installation options, upgrade paths and installation plans.


Once installed, office information systems tend to be successively modified over time. A variety of in-house and outsourced IT service providers apply "Band-aid" to address urgent needs. As a result, general management and system administrators simply are not aware of everything that is on their network.

An assessment by The Washington Network will help to:

  • Catalog hardware, software and existing capabilities

  • Identify opportunities for immediate improvement

  • Identify weak links in the network

  • Assess data protection and network security

The Washington Network provides site surveys and performance assessments to help you can manage the information system and optimize the investment. You will learn about network topology, hardware and software, areas subject to meaningful improvement, and how employees are using the computer network. You will also be apprised of options and of our recommendations for performance upgrades, both immediate and long-term.

Put our expertise on your team

For network design and assessment services, call us today at 703.345.4000, and ask to speak with a Washington Network IT Consultant. Or email us with your questions.