C-TAP: Current Technology Assurance Program

A all-inclusive flat-rate plan that keeps your telecommunications payments low, and your technology up-to-date 

We’ve eliminated the two greatest dangers in buying a telecommunications system: obsolescence and hidden costs. With simple, all-inclusive flat-rate monthly payment, your technology always stays current. Your payments stay low and predictable.

The Washington Network provides C-TAP – our Current Technology Assurance Program – in association with The Technology Assurance Group (TAG). A network of 130 technology providers throughout the US and Canada, TAG represents $400,000,000 in annual sales. It maintains strategic relationships with dozens of leading telecom manufacturers and solutions providers. Most importantly: Warranties from The Washington Network include the full backing of TAG.

With C-TAP, your phone system hardware and software always stays up-to-date and ahead of the technology curve. Maintenance, support, hardware and software is included. There are never any surprises on your monthly bill.

In fact, you will never see another bill for software updates, adds, moves or changes, repairs or other services you currently pay for. 

Questions about C-TAP or other telecommunications system issues?

Contact The Washington Network for details at 703.345.4000, or email us with your questions. One of our telecommunications specialists will respond.