About The Washington Network, Inc.

VoIP telephone systems and computer network repair and support for the Washington DC metro area.

Welcome to our website. And to a different kind of IT services company.

Simply put, The Washington Network provides and manage computer networks and telecommunications for small and mid-sized businesses in the metro DC area. But we offer more than deep IT and telecommunications expertise. For we opened our doors in 1987 not simply as hardware vendors, but as experts in business processes.

Our first clients were lobbying firms. So we’re rooted in the business of Washington, DC. Soon, we were installing computer networks in lobbying firms, congressional offices and businesses in Alexandria, on Capitol Hill, and throughout the DC metropolitan area. 

Having focused on workplace IT since 1987, we recognize the forces of change in today’s work environment. We understand its impact, and we can assess where its taking us. We spot major trends early on. We recognize their power, how they impact our clients’ operations, and whether they can help us create business advantages for our clients. 

Rarely have the forces of technological change been as rapid or far-reaching as they are today. Voice and data — phone systems, computer networks, innovative applications and the data that flow between them — are integrating faster than ever, in increasingly important ways. Top-tier suppliers the world over are working nonstop to create entirely new generations of hardware, software, applications and networks. They’re driving costs down. 

They’re expanding system sophistication. They’re trying desperately (sometimes successful, sometimes not) to enhance and simplify the user interface. Exotic solutions that cost tens of thousands of dollars just a year ago are now simply included in basic products.

Change can be overwhelming. But you don’t have to face it alone.

The Washington Network spends substantial time and resources training, learning, monitoring and understanding all of this change – so you don’t have to! 

We give our clients a true business advantage by managing their technology systems more completely and more efficiently than they could on their own. We become their IT team. 

The IT industry calls this approach “managed services.” For a flat monthly fee, you can get everything: Hardware, software, maintenance, training and comprehensive support. We handle security, backups, licenses, patches, updates. New capabilities are added, seamlessly. If hardware needs replacing, it’s included.

And with our Gold Seal Managed Services, the burden of maintaining performance is on us. 

By adopting this approach, we have aligned our goals perfectly with yours. Rather than profiting when things go wrong (as in the traditional “break/fix” approach), we benefit the most when your system works, when it’s properly maintained, and when support is faster and more efficient. 

It’s the best guarantee you’ll ever have that your IT systems will perform as planned.  

The Washington Network’s managed services will help you control your costs.

We free our clients of the responsibility of staying on top of the complex world of workplace IT. And we lower their costs while we’re at it. By providing the best of workplace technology at a great price, chosen and customized to meet specific business objectives, we join with our clients in creating a business advantage. 

The Washington Network believes that technology should never be a problem for managers and their staff. It should help you work more effectively. It should simplify your life.  That’s what we’ve been doing since 1987. Call 703.345.4000 and let us show you how.

Some facts about The Washington Network, Inc.

  • We are long-standing members of Alexandria Chamber of Commerce.
    The Washington Network has been recognized as its Business of the Year.

  • We are the exclusive DC-area Premier Member of the Technology Assurance Group.
    This elite network of IT organizations supports our clients across North America; provides us with significant buying power; and guarantees your contracts with us.

  • We obtain 80% of our new business from referrals.

  • Our Current Technology Assurance Program (C-TAP) means your technology will never be obsolete.
    C-TAP provides our clients with telecommunications technology that is always up-to-date, while assuring that their payments stay the same.

  • Our management team is experienced in the business of Washington.
    We speak the language of the DC business community. 

  • We seek to create measurable, bottom-line results, through the best application of technology.
    We design solutions to increase our clients’ profitability and provide real business advantages.

  • We provide a full range of computer network services.
    We are a certified partner of Microsoft, NEC, XEROX, Citrix, HP, IBM, Zoom, Verizon, Samsung and Intel Security.

  • We provide a complete line of business communications products.
    These include: VoIP phone systems; unified messaging and communications – voice, email and fax; messaging; unified communications; auto attendant; call accounting; call center; toll-fraud prevention; remote work solutions and more.

  • We offer products and services from 14 telecom carriers
    These include Verizon, Qwest, XO, Cavalier and Paetec.

  • As a preferred Verizon provider, we offer you better pricing than you can get directly.

  • We are a leader in the convergence of voice and data.

  • We have supported local civic and business organizations since 1987.

  • We often deliver “same-day ROI” for new clients.
    We specialize in creating real business advantages for new clients while reducing their overall IT spending — from the first day we activate new voice and/or data systems.

Now is the time to increase your IT capabilities and lower your costs

To discuss how The Washington Network can upgrade your computer networks and telephone systems, increase your capabilities and lower your cost, call us at 703.345.4000. Or email us.