What Our Clients Are Saying:

The ASCII Group

Doug Young:

"Count The ASCII Group as a big fan of The Washington Network. They’ve delivered real value to our organization. With their understanding of our business needs as well as the technology, we consider them part of our team.

Doug Young of The ASCII Group"We are a national organization of technology providers, so we have high expectations for the technology systems we deploy. Our goal is to add value for our staff, as well as for our customers. The bottom line is, does this system make us a better organization?

"Before we worked with TWN, we had a string of problems getting our phone system to work to our high standards. TWN eliminated the problems and delivered service, training and a feature set that is custom-made for our needs.

"Most of the contact we have with our members is by phone. The Washington Network created a system that handles calls efficiently, finds us wherever we are, makes the most out of voice mail, is fantastic for conferencing, and has several other features we've found very helpful. This improves the service we deliver to our members around the country, and it improves staff productivity

"The system is flexible. The service is great. And we’re getting the all the system backup, preventive maintenance and updates handled for us.

"We’re also on the C-TAP plan, which keeps our monthly payments the same. On the C-TAP plan, TWN manages our phone system from top to bottom. We don’t get charged for incidentals like moves, adds or changes. We get all the training we need. When it’s time to get new phones, they’re included, just like all the software upgrades that TWN handles automatically.

"We enthusiastically recommend The Washington Network."

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